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Are you visiting the dentist soon? Before you go, it will be helpful for you to understand the basic names for all your teeth. That’s why we at Alberto A. Herrero, DDS have attained some useful word definitions to learn:

Incisors: These refer to those sharp, chisel-shaped teeth at the front of the mouth. There are four on the top arch and four on the bottom.

Canines: These teeth, also referred to as Cuspids, are placed on either side of your incisors and are shaped like points at the end. There are two on the bottom arch and two on the top.

Premolars: Occasionally called bicuspids, these teeth have two “cusps” or pointed grooves which aid in breaking down food. They are found between the canines and molars. Humans usually have eight of them– two on both sides of both arches.

Molars: Situated at the very back of the mouth, these are your most valuable chewing instruments, with numerous grooves on their surfaces.

Learning these parts of the mouth may augment your self-confidence next time you talk to Dr. Alberto A. Herrero and our staff at Alberto A. Herrero, DDS in Ann Arbor, Michigan. You will likely feel that you can better express what is happening inside your mouth. If you have any questions, please ask us. We’d be happy to answer any questions. You can also set up an appointment by ringing 734-222-9140.