October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month & Dental Hygiene Month

October is here and fall has officially begun, bringing with it Breast Cancer Awareness Month as well as National Dental Hygiene Month. This is a time to raise awareness for both and help to prevent problems by monitoring your health and being mindful of your lifestyle choices. Whether you are fighting cancer or dental problems,... Read more »

Dental Implant Placement Basics as a Step-by-Step Process

If you have ever lost a tooth, you might have more than just a gap between your teeth. If a lost tooth is not replaced, the bone in the jaw that supported the lost tooth starts to deteriorate. That’s because when you chew your food, there’s no more stimulation to the bone from the missing... Read more »

Enamel-Friendly Foods for Your Teeth

When it comes to protecting your teeth, your first line of defense against tooth decay and cavities is tooth enamel, as it is the outermost covering that protects the more vulnerable dentin and tooth pulp below. Your enamel comes equipped for the job as the hardest substance in your body. However, because it doesn’t have... Read more »

How Routine Dental Checkups Help Your Smile in the Long Run

When you come in for dental exams and we have cleaned your teeth and gum line and removed any hardened plaque, our dentist can look at them for any signs of trouble, such as cavities, loose or broken teeth, damaged fillings, and evaluate your risk rate of certain diseases which might also take into account... Read more »

Bridge Your Smile to Positive Oral Health

Do you have a missing tooth? Are you looking for a way to fill the gap between your teeth from a lost tooth? If so, a dental bridge might be right for you. There are many ways you can restore you smile if you suffer from a lost tooth. However, dental bridges are a common… Read more »

The Inside Scoop on Aging and Your Oral Health

Do you know the inside scoop on aging and your oral health? If not, you are in luck! Your age plays a critical factor in your oral health. Your teeth can begin to weaken or discolor over time, requiring the extra need for care and attention. Our , Dr. , is happy to help you… Read more »

Saving Your Smile: Cold and Flu Season

Improving your oral health includes making sure that you are taking the necessary steps in all aspects of your life. If you are suffering from the cold and the flu, not only will you be at an increased risk for several oral health ailments, but you will also find yourself caring less about your smile…. Read more »

Common Questions Concerning Cavity Prevention

Are you consistently at risk for cavities? Cavities are a hole in your tooth’s enamel. If left untreated, it can give rise to infections and eventual tooth loss. A cavity prevention plan is essential to ensure not only that your mouth is protected against cavities but several other oral health risks that may arise. To… Read more »

Dental Cleanings: Not Just For Looks

Dental cleanings are an important part of complete oral care. Getting your teeth examined and cleaned takes steps to prevent significant health problems, such as heart disease, gum disease, stroke, and oral cancer. Oral health problems are largely preventable, however they are still very common and affect many patients. Proper daily oral hygiene habits–brushing your… Read more »

What Sports Should I Wear a Mouthguard While Participating?

Mouthguards are handy appliances that can protect your smile while you participate in high-contact sports and activities. In fact, it can absorb the force when you suffer a blow to the face, and it can help you prevent knocking your teeth out of place, breaking your teeth and damaging your gums. To help you know… Read more »