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Two decades ago when dental implants first emerged onto the oral healthcare scene they were primarily used to replace a single missing tooth. As implant technology has continued to evolve, they have not become an effective option for other applications such as creating anchor points for securing your new set of dentures.

While the titanium denture anchors and hardware are not subject to tooth decay, they still need to be cleaned as part of your new oral hygiene routine. If plaque and food particles are not cleaned away they can harden into tartar. This can easily lead to gum disease which, if left unchecked can weaken the bones that hold your anchor points in place.

Your dentures and locking hardware should be rinsed thoroughly when you take them out each night. This should be followed up by lightly brushing them with nonabrasive toothpaste. You should then store then in water and keep them in a safe place overnight. After this is done you should lightly brush the anchor points to clean them of food particles and plaque.

During your dental checkup, the dentist will inspect and clean the anchor points as well as monitor the health of your gums. There might be a little wear and tear on the hardware or the dentures. If something is slightly out of alignment, let your dentist know so they can repair or replace it.

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