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If your smile doesn’t deliver the desired color or shape, we invite you to consider dental veneers, which are are thin, tooth-colored shells that brighten your teeth, correct minor bite misalignment, and close tooth gaps. Dental veneers can last up to 20 years, especially if you improve your oral care routine with the following steps:

– Brush and floss every day, but avoid using an abrasive toothpaste so that you don’t scratch the surface of your new dental veneers. Your teeth may feel sensitive for the first few days after receiving veneers since the process requires the removal of a fractional amount of tooth enamel.

– Refrain from chewing hard and sticky foods since snacks such as pistachio nuts and caramel apples can crack dental veneers, which are more brittle than your natural teeth.

– Address any habits of grinding or clenching your teeth by reaching out to Alberto A. Herrero, DDS to discuss protecting your teeth and veneers with a bite guard during sleep.

– Attend any scheduled follow-up appointments with Dr. Alberto A. Herrero. You may need to return to our office after a week to have your smile and the placement of your veneers evaluated. At this point, we encourage you to ask any questions you may have about your new cosmetic treatment.

To learn more about how to care for dental veneers in Ann Arbor, Michigan, contact Alberto A. Herrero, DDS at 734-222-9140 for a consultation with our dentist.