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Cosmetic dentistry is a specific discipline of general dentistry that focuses on improving the appears of your smile. This might call for dental bleaching treatments, dental veneers, and other treatments to correct the shade and color of the teeth.

If a single tooth has been altered by a physical defect such as a chip, fracture, or mismatched filling the Dr. Alberto A. Herrero might recommend restoring its appearance with a porcelain dental crown.

This treatment will essentially replace the original tooth enamel layer with a dental grade porcelain material. It can be shaded to match the other teeth in your smile to mimic bright white tooth enamel.

To prepare the tooth for the porcelain dental crown Dr. Herrero needs to develop an abutment capable of anchoring it in place. This is done by removing the tooth’s enamel layer. The small dentin pillar left behind should have the sufficient strength to anchor the dental crown for many years.

Dr. Herrero will then form an impression of the area which will be sent to a dental lab where the porcelain dental crown will be created. When it’s ready we will install it with a strong dental adhesive.

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