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Dental crown restorations commonly require two separate appointments. During the first session, Dr. Alberto A. Herrero will remove all of the tooth enamel, leaving behind a dentin pillar that is called an abutment. A temporary crown that is made from hard plastic will then be secured over it to protect it while our off-site dental lab technician prepares the final crown.

If your temporary crown is damaged, if it comes loose, or if it falls out, it could damage the abutment inside and cause significant complications. To minimize potential complications, Dr. Alberto A. Herrero offers these basic care insights.

It’s best to avoid chewing gum and eating sticky foods on that side of your mouth. The suction created has the potential to pull the temporary crown loose. You should also avoid biting down on hard or crunchy foods as it could potentially crack the plastic cap and significantly damage the abutment inside.

It’s worth noting that healthy gums will help seat the crown restoration comfortably. You will need to brush and floss the temporary crown to remove plaque and residual food particles. If you’re having issues flossing the area, you might want to try using a brand of waxed dental floss.

If you are having a problem with your temporary crown in Ann Arbor, Michigan, you should call 734-222-9140 to speak to member of our staff at Alberto A. Herrero, DDS.