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Do you ever have pain in your mouth while eating hot, cold, sweet, or acidic foods and beverages? What about what you brush and floss? You may have extra-sensitive teeth. This can be rather disagreeable sometimes, especially when partaking of your favorite foods. That’s is why your first step should be to book a consultation with Dr. Alberto A. Herrero to find the underlying cause.

In many cases, the reason for tooth sensitivity is enamel erosion. If this is indeed true for you, Dr. Alberto A. Herrero will likely recommend these solutions:

A professional fluoride treatment: Your enamel acts as armor for your teeth. Usually sensitivity results from acid breaking down your tooth enamel and revealing sensitive layers underneath. Fluoride can rebuild your enamel. It’s like a blacksmith for your dental army.

Using sensitivity and/or fluoride toothpaste: There are two kinds of toothpaste that can help with sensitivity: sensitivity toothpaste and fluoride toothpaste. These can strengthen your teeth and block sensitivity channels on a regular basis. Just add them to your twice-a-day brushing routine.

Cutting out acidic foods and beverages: Acid is typically what causes enamel erosion and tooth sensitivity. Just do your best to cut out acidic foods and beverages from your diet. This can assist you in preventing enamel erosion and issues.

If you use our tips, you might be on your way toward a sturdy and beautiful smile. However, like it was stated before, it’s always helpful to check with your dentist before you commence treatment. To learn more about tooth sensitivity in Ann Arbor, Michigan, just call Alberto A. Herrero, DDS at 734-222-9140. Our dental team will be more than happy to help you!