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You may know that dental crowns are restorations used in dentistry, but do you know why they are used?

  • One of the most common uses of a dental crown is to restore a weak or broken tooth. If you have received injury to a tooth, then a crown replaces lost structure and holds the remaining parts of the tooth together. It also protects the soft tissues inside of a tooth from infection.
  • A root canal procedure cannot be completed unless you repair the tooth afterwards with a dental crown. During a root canal, many of the inner tissues of a tooth are removed. In order to maintain the health and strength of the tooth after this procedure, we will need to place a dental crown.
  • Though a crown in and of itself is a dental restoration, it can also be used as part of other restorations. A dental bridge, for example, consists of an artificial tooth (a pontic) flanked by two dental crowns. Dental implants have a titanium post placed in the jaw bone, but they need an abutment post and a dental crown to be completed.
  • Though dental crowns are usually used for restorative services, they can also be applied as a cosmetic procedure. If you have a tooth that is badly stained or irregularly-shaped, then we can alter its appearance by placing a crown.