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It’s important to keep your mouth healthy and one of the best ways you can do that is to floss every day. Flossing can help remove the bacteria and food particles that are toothbrush can’t reach.

Today there are several different ways you can floss, including WaterPik and general floss. We are going to discuss some of the pros and cons to both methods to help you decide which is best for you.


A WaterPik is a tool that aims a stream of water at your teeth and gum lines to remove plaque or food particles. This method of flossing is gentle on the gums and may cause less blessing for those with sensitive gums. This is because you can control the intensity of water coming out of the product.

WaterPik is recommended for individuals with active gum disease because it can flush out bacteria that tends to form in the pockets of the gum near a tooth. So what’s the downside to this method of flossing? WaterPik doesn’t remove plaque as well as typical floss does.


This is the most common product we use to floss our teeth. This is an inexpensive way to keep teeth and gums healthy. Floss is effective in cleaning the tight spaces between the teeth as well as scraping off any plaque that may be on the teeth.

The mechanical nature of floss can be abrasive and harsh on your teeth and gums. It’s also hard for those with braces to use floss because the floss cannot reach the base of the tooth due to the wires in the mouth.

No matter what method of flossing you use, it’s important to do it every day to maintain good oral health practices. To schedule your next dentist appointment or to find out more information on flossing methods, contact our office today at 734-222-9140.